Sunday, June 3, 2018

Spoken Word: Family

Listen I don't know how to say this but it's not going to be easy it sure ain't going to be hard I have one question that just about to start... What Is Family? Is it the blood that makes you related or even the friends that came from the same. Or together you've been raised? See its not just one question but these certainly rattle your minds because people of today are currently family blind. See you might feel as if no ones there friends won't always care so family may be all you got. Not everyone will listen they're just kind of mild, you can be in a huge family and still feel like the only child. Reliability is issues when trust has already been broken pick yourself up don't listen to what these people have spoken, learn to look after yourself before you have anyone else snack because you still carry your bag on yours. Yeah its great to help them but don't fall into their dirty chores, take your own advice it can really help you. No one knows you like you do and that is true. I'm happy for the loved ones in their life, that are there through any fight, carrying the loyalty with all their might, because it takes a strong person to get it right. I am Nadia not just anybody, individually is what I love and it helps being different. Into empowering underestimation because whether it bothers any of not nothing will stop into growing a higher elevation. Through any situation I smile because I'm still breathing and to be the best I can that is just another reason.

By: Nadia Adow

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