Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anti-Gay Laws in Russia

Some of the divas opinions about the Anti-Gay laws in Russia:

“I think that it is stupid! If someone wants to be gay they should be allowed to but like they shouldn’t be like thrown out of the country or put in jail for it. Maybe yeah it makes people uncomfortable when they see gay people outside but they should deal with it. Like if you’re that uncomfortable they why don’t you throw your self outta there. Who even made the anti-gay law? Was it the president or something? If it was, then like are they insecure or something that they go around throwing certain people out of the country. Also it’s stupid because if it’s just like your sister or something that you’re holding hands with then they should make sure before trying to throw you out.”

“First of all what kind of name is Puttin? I think this is an interesting topic. I think it’s an unfair choice because we are all human inside and outside. If they want to be homosexual, then let them be! Everyone has a right to speak! I think Puttin should be put in jail because he is trying to control everyone’s lives.”

“I feel like everyone can have the right to do whatever they want because I think it’s dumb for someone to get arrested just because of their interests. If I could write a letter to the president of Russia I would tell him that he sucks!”

“I think it’s unfair because if you’re gay you’re gay and there really isn’t anything wrong with that. Everyone has their rights and you can’t force them to be something they don’t want to be. So, I don’t think that the Russian rule is FAIR!”

“First and for most, It is ridiculous and simply inhumane. It is not fair that the government is putting these laws in act. A child or human should not be fired or even judged for simply being who they are. Just because the president is homophobic does not mean the whole country should suffer, and live in a form of anti-oppression. Lastly I believe that someone (preferably the UN) should step in and stop this stupidity.”

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