Friday, July 6, 2018

Spoken Word: I Am A Hijabi

I am a Hijabi

I am a Hijabi
My Hijabi is apart of me
It is weaved into my skin
So don’t even try pulling it off of me

I am a Hijabi
Highly sophisticated
I am not to be taken as a joke
So don’t even try to play with me

I am a Hijabi
I know what is right
I am a believer
So don’t even try to say I’m wrong

I am a Hijabi
So speak about oppression all you want
It’s my choice and my choice only
Don’t open your mount around me because I will not hear it

I am a Hijabi
Stop with the profanity, nonsense and false Koran verses
It wound go through the thick cotton because my Hijabi only lets words with meaning reach me

My Hijabi is my protector
My Hijabi is my love
My Hijabi is my life
It’s simply everything and so much more

I am a Hijabi
A Hijabi bearing women
There’s nothing you and do about it
So don’t try me

Written by: Hudda Haggi
Photography by: The Divas Media Group

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